Answers to common questions about our sales training programs.

There are no hidden fees. The $37.50 monthly fee grants full access to all our services without any additional charges.

We designed Skill Ramper to be affordable because we believe everyone in your industry should benefit from it. Our pricing remains low due to our large user base. As you benefit from Skill Ramper, we encourage you to share our site with others to help maintain our affordable pricing.

There are no contracts. One of our core values is to offer the industry’s most interactive and engaging learning platforms at an affordable price, without long-term commitments. Given the extensive value Skill Ramper provides, most of our members continue their subscription (hopefully until retirement – sooner with our Skill Ramper).

Our extensive learning library, covering everything from basic to advanced sales techniques and strategies, is exclusively available online for our members.

Role-play sessions are available from Monday to Saturday. Each session focuses on a specific subject, introduced by a host who demonstrates the technique or script. Following the demonstration, participants are divided into small groups of 3 to 5 for roleplaying. These sessions, typically lasting 45 minutes, offer a fun and effective way to practice with new people.

Skill Ramper is divided into three main sections: the Learning Library, the Roleplay Area, and the Interactive Webinars. While practice is essential, we believe in ‘good practice makes perfect.’ Our interactive webinars provide an opportunity to fine tune your skills, making the leap from good to great.

Skill Ramper offers industry-specific sales training, including unique presentations, objections, language, and closing skills. Currently available for real estate salespeople, we are preparing to launch for mortgage originators and will soon expand to include additional industries.